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Come learn how to make a multi-purpose herbal salve while making gifts for your family and friends. Herbal salves are a fantastic gift that can be used throughout the year for cuts, scrapes, burns, sprains or as massage salve etc etc. Similar to Neosporin only 10x better because the salves promote the healing of tissue as well as preventing infection.

Each participant will make 8 jars of salves (4 - 0.8oz and 4 - 2oz ) containing organically grown ingredients including local olive oil, herbs and essential oil. You will learn the function of each herb in the salve as we take a herb walk in my garden where these herbs grow amongst many other herbs, veggies, fruit trees. There will also be basic labels and markers that you can decorate while we make the salves. You will leave empowered to repeat the process on your own for years to come.

Class size limited to 10 participants. Pre-registration is a must as space is limited. If you are the artsy type feel free to bring stickers, sparkles, special pens or any other decorations for the jars.


Herbs & Natural Medicine for You and Your Family

Discover how herbs and natural medicine can support you and your family in health and wellness
Jan 12 - March 30
Thursday evenings, 5:30pm - 8:00pm



With over 30 years of combined experience, Santa Cruz Herbalists Darren Huckle DAOM, LAc and Paula Grainger BSc, MNIMH offer a dynamic, intensive and hands-on three month introduction to nature's way to health and wellbeing.
For thousands of years families met their basic health needs through the plants they consumed and used as medicine. This precious and practical knowledge inspires and empowers the healer within, allowing day to day health challenges to be treated with effective, safe and accessible remedies


Classes take place from 5:30-8:00pm with a 15 minute break.
Jan 12th - Introduction to herbs and natural medicine; general principles; safety; how to prepare and use herbs.
Jan 19th- Digestion part I: Commonsensical nutrition. Maintaining digestive health; food intolerances; looking after your gut's microbiome; leaky gut; the link between the mind and the gut; sorting the dietary fads from the transformational.
Jan 26th - Digestion part II: Herbs and strategies for IBS, infections, diarrhea, bloating & gas, constipation and more; DEMONSTRATION: Making Bitters.
Feb 2nd - Skin & Hair. How to keep skin healthy; herbs and strategies for eczema, acne, psoriasis and more; hair thinning; dry skin and aging; DEMONSTRATION: Making a facial cream
Feb 9th - The Lungs and Sinuses. Dealing with allergies; how to prevent and address cough, bronchitis, sinusitis etc. Taking care of your lungs into older age. Essential oils for the respiratory system. DEMONSTRATION: Using a neti pot, steam inhalation.
Feb 16th - Colds, Flu and the immune system. How to build maximum immunity; preventing colds and flu; dealing with colds and flu; to fever to not to fever?; how to recover from viral infections and prevent post-viral issues.
Feb 23rd - Injuries and Infections: Managing soft tissue sprains, strains, burns, broken bones; infections of the eyes, teeth, gums and ears. DEMONSTRATION: Compresses, poultices, scraping and cupping.
March 2nd - Mental and Emotional Wellness Part I: Preventing and alleviating stress, mild depression and anxiety; balancing rest and exercise; Chinese understanding of stress.
March 9th - Mental and Emotional Wellness Part II: Insomnia and the role of good sleep; protecting the nervous system; adrenal tonics and 'adaptogens'; cardiovascular tonics; grief and bereavement. DEMONSTRATION: Making a stress or sleep tincture.
March 16th - Babies, children and teens. Pregnancy; postpartum health; becoming a family. Supporting the physical and emotional health of younger family members; suitable ways to give children herbs.
March 23rd - Women's Health: Identifying and addressing common menstrual problems; embracing the feminine energy; menopause: pre-, during and post. How to prevent and alleviate urinary tract infections.
March 30th - Bringing it all together. A review of our journey together; class discussion; next steps; pot luck party with herbal inspired drinks and treats.
Venue: Seabright, Santa Cruz
Time: Classes will start promptly at 5:30pm and finish at 8:00. There will be a 15 minute break halfway through so that you can eat (please bring your own food) and enjoy a general discussion. Herbal tea will be served at every class. 
Dates: Please see class outline above.
Materials: A printed hand-out will be available for each class as a basis for your notes. Please bring a pen and notebook for deeper note taking. 


Dr. Darren Huckle L.Ac., DAOM is a holistic health coach/practitioner.  Darren works  in the realms of chinese medicine, acupuncture, energetic nutrition, holistic energy management, qi gong, and western/Chinese herbalism. Darren has been practicing and teaching herbal medicine for over 15 years.  Darren enjoys sharing his love of plants and people in dynamic, metaphor rich classes.  He is a faculty member at Five Branches University of Chinese Medicine in Santa Cruz.  

Paula Grainger BSc (Hons), MNIMH is a clinical herbalist, wellness educator and author. Trained at The University of Westminster in London, England, Paula has many years of experience connecting people and plants through her clinical practice as well as fun and informative classes in herbal medicine and botanical skincare for adults and children. Paula co-authored Infuse: Herbal Teas to Cleanse, Nourish and Heal.  As The English Herbalist the creates a range of small-batch, handmade botanical skincare in Santa Cruz.


Registration info
$525 (cash or check). 
Early bird via paypal is $550

Please send payment to:
Darren Huckle 343 Frederick St., Santa Cruz, CA 95062  
Please include your email with payment so I can give you directions and parking info.




Esalen Retreat 2017

Herbs for Restoration and Relaxation
Fri. June 9 - Sun. June 11


The plant world holds many tools for supporting peace, resiliency, and vitality for those of us who live intense or busy lives. This interactive and sensory-oriented workshop will explore amazing herbal allies that powerfully promote the health of our body, mind, and energy. Our special focus will be on herbs that moderate stress response, vitalize energy, promote healthy sleep, and support an overall sense of flow and well-being.

We will spend part of the class in the Esalen garden, where we’ll see, taste, and feel medicinal plants. In the classroom, we’ll experience a multitude of dried herbs, and in the kitchen we’ll make a custom herbal tea and tincture blend for each participant to bring home.

Registration Link